The Start of an Adventure… Pasar Minggu

It’s so great to be back in the chaos of Jakarta after spending the past five months back home in Melbourne.  As Summer finished and the days grew colder I dreamed of returning to the heat and confusion and somehow my dream came true and here I am again.. and I feel incredibly blessed.  So we decided to have an adventure and see something new in Jakarta that can’t been seen back home.  First up was catching the Metro Mini to Pasar Minggu train station and then heading to Manggarai.

First stop.. Metro Mini Bus in Pasar Minggu... counting commuters fares...

Little girl playing at Pasar Minggu train station near the ticket office

Curious Ojek drivers that followed us into the station

Putra ready to start filming our adventure at Pasar Minggu station

Waiting for the train in the stifling heat. Apparently there's no train timetables, so you could be waiting awhile..

On the air conditioned train at last... Destination Manggarai

Greeted at Manggarai Train Station by barbed wire, meant to deter commuters travelling on the train roof. Highly dangerous and so far it has made no difference...

Commuters wait for the train at Manggarai... time for us to continue our adventure outside the station..