The Joy of Riding a Vespa!

Putra and Pasti on the side of the road lagi….


As super cool as they are, and believe me, there are hundreds of them on the streets in Jakarta…. this is also a regular sight for all Vespa riders….. constantly changing spark plugs, blowing tyres, randomly not starting, pushing them along the side of the road…. but I know the vespa community here wouldn’t have it any other way!

Oh, and can anyone explain why every time we pass small children on this vespa they stop, stand and salute to us???? Are we missing something?? It’s very funny and very cute, but I am completely bingung…

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  1. do you realize about the bond among vespa riders throughout indonesia…you will be amazed

    • welovejakarta says:

      I love the bond between Vespa riders! Everyone beeps their horns and waves and smiles, along with VW drivers… it’s very cool! and there’s so many awesome Vespa’s out on the road 🙂