The Color Run Jakarta

Well, it’s almost the end of January and FINALLY I am writing my first post for the year! Happy New Year everyone.. better late than never, right? I figure I still have 11 months of the year to go so there will hopefully be lots of posts to come.. It’s proving a little tricky to carry a baby and a heavy camera around Jakarta, so I will update whenever possible and let’s see what 2014 has waiting for everyone in Jakarta! Please feel free to let me know of any child friendly events or places of recommendation I can check out and share with you all as well. I’m looking to keep Samudra out of the malls as much as possible but stuck for ideas on where to take him.

So yesterday Jakarta I was SHOCKED! I mean really SHOCKED!!! I have been waiting in anticipation for The Color Run to come to Jakarta and it’s been pouring raining every morning in the lead up to the event, and most of Jakarta is still flooded and underwater, so I kept my fingers crossed that the sun would shine on January 26.. and it did! My alarm went off at 5.00am and I headed off in the taxi, leaving Samudra at home to sleep with his bapak (aaaaah free time is such a rare luxury these days!)… Knowing that most Jakartans would rather ride their motorbikes or drive their cars the 5 metre walk to the warung, etc.. you can imagine my surprise to arrive at Parkir Timur Senayan to a sea of white tshirts and colourfully dressed eager participants.. the tickets to the event sold out in just over a week.. so that was 11,000 people who actually WANTED TO WALK or RUN 5km! Hooray Jakarta! I am so proud of all those that took part in the ‘Happiest 5k on the Planet’ and don’t I feel like the lazy one now.. I was dripping in sweat in the heat and all I was doing was walking around taking photos! The run promoted healthy living and there was such a diverse mix of people out there making the most of the sunshine yesterday morning.. next year I WILL join in and get covered in colour rather than stand on the sidelines.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and I know you all had fun doused in your sachets of colour – it was a morning of laughter and happiness.. and a great way to finally start blogging again for this year.

I realise that I have gone overboard in posting pictures today but I wanted to share some colour and fun with you for January.. Enjoy!

6.00am and looking glam to run

Jakartans LOVE to have their photos taken

The bride and her bridesmaids

Some pre-event fun in the photo booth

Love their wigs, such a happy crew!

What an angel! Is it an unfair advantage to run with wings?

..and they’re off.. and still ready to pose for the camera!

Participants get splashed with colour at every kilometre.. this is near the start

Cute colourful mini mouse ears!

Waiting for the start of the fun run

What a fun way to go around the track

Racing to the finish line

Happiness to have reached the end

Surprise! Expect to be coloured when you least expect it..

A rainbow of Color Runners

Let the madness begin..

Bless! PDA… now that’s also a rarity in Jakarta..

The after party explodes into colour!

Let’s do it again!

Colourful angel and bunnies

Sampai jumpa lagi Jakarta

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  1. vira says:

    Yaay, it’s up! And I think most of the runners are still in ‘color run blues’ today.. hahaha..
    I am, just like you, happy to see the enthusiasm of Jakartans in RUNNING or walking – not driving! – events. And actually, there have been many running events that attract a lot of participants, even the ones that aren’t for free. It may be a trendy thing, but who cares, right? But this color run is special. People who didn’t use to care at all about running or walking, actually joined the event because it’s fun! hahaha..

    • welovejakarta says:

      Yeah! It’s fantastic right? getting people to be active without thinking about it… just enjoying the moment while getting fit and healthy.. I love it! We started getting up for Car Free Day every Sunday as that’s always fun too and lots of people are out and about so early, which is fantastic! and I also like the policy of ‘Ride to Work Fridays’ although I realise that it’s impossible for millions of commuters as they have to travel so far.. but you have to start somewhere right? So happy to finally meet you in person 🙂