Taman Safari, Bogor… Pt 1

WOW! Taman Safari certainly exceeded my expectations… such a beautiful setting and so many animals came to the car window to be fed carrots.. It was so amazing to get up so close to them all and good to be able to quickly close the window if we got a little freaked out. Well worth a visit if you’re looking for something fun to do on your day off  and if you don’t mind sitting in the most ridiculous traffic ever to get there and back from Jakarta! LOVED IT!

Elephant cooling down in the heat.....

Camels hungry for carrots!

An inquisitive Llama at the car window...

A Lion taking a rest in the shade..

A lovely Giraffe

Rhino's relaxing under some trees

A hungry zebra at our car window - I absolutely love the patterns of their fur!

I am glad this beautiful white Tiger is having a rest and not at our car window!

I am still in shock that someone caught a taxi to go on Safari... Hope they didn't travel all the way from Jakarta!

A very sweet looking Deer

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  1. Leinad says:

    wow tash these are amazing. i want to go there asap

    • welovejakarta says:

      Hey Dan! Yah… it was so cool! Just cruising along in the car and all the animals come up to the window… you need more than one day to explore the whole place… I will have to go back some time…. awesome… anything like this in Kalgoorlie? hahaha…. oooops xxx