Selamat Natal…

On my walk to find an ojek I met these beautiful children on the street wishing me Selamat Natal….

Never shy for photos!

Cutest pose!

Playing a tune for me...

Where did she learn to pout like that? wwkwkkw

These big brown eyes just melt my heart....

Beautiful eyes....

Stopping to take photos of me with the kids.... wkwkwkkw

Giggling girls

My mantap Christmas present!

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  1. raiza andini says:

    hihiiihihihi……happy xmas yaa….

  2. Shanti says:

    The pose of the little girl is so ‘Alay’ just like my teen nieces and most teenagers do when posing for a photo ^__^

    • welovejakarta says:

      Oh I have to laugh… all Indonesians always pull the same poses for photos… from little kids, to teenagers, to older generations… where did you all learn it?? So cute!