Kidzania at Pacific Place

WOW! Finally we got to visit the infamous Kidzania at Pacific Place and what an experience it was… Firstly, you have to check in and purchase your tickets at the Air Asia counter before passing through airport style security and into this crazy world of little people….

Kidzania is a truly unique experience aimed at children aged 4-16 years and is a whole city built indoors especially to child size with roads, buildings, retail stores and vehicles that run through the city.  In this city, the children have the chance to play adult roles in more than 100 professions including Police, Doctors, Pilots, Construction Workers, Archaeologists and even Check-Out Chicks…

Kidzania has a Hospital, Supermarket, Salon, Theatre, Industrial Area, and more where children wear uniforms and perform the role they have chosen and earn the offical currency of Kidzos for their efforts.  These wages can then be used to purchase goods or use services run by children such as the Beauty Salon, Tattoo Parlour or Bar (complete with mini billiards tables..).

Kidzania provides a sensory overload and has to be seen to be believed…. I felt like Alice in Wonderland in there as I have never seen anything like it before in my life. Don’t forget to pass through the Immigration Department for your departure… Enjoy!

Children get the chance to be Firemen and ride around the city on a fire truck and put out a burning building..

Modelling for the Advertising Agency

Spending hard earned money at the Tattoo Parlour..

Working at Wall's ice cream factory...

Working at Pop-Mie... enak!!!

Children in the Pharmacy

SilverQueen chocolate factory..... mau!

at the Beauty Salon..

Dentists getting briefed on their roles..

Petrol Station, complete with car wash and children in mini cars!

Children 'On Air' at the Radio Station

Getting ready to scale up a tall building..

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  1. raiza andini says:

    oooohh sooo cuuteee…….factory chocolate…..mauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

  2. raiza andini says:

    is there for adultania????