Kids love Kuntum Nurseries

I wrote about our visit to Kuntum Nurseries last year but as we just visited it again last weekend on our way to stay at Novotel Bogor, I thought I would write about it again as we love it so much.

If you have young kids and you’re heading to Bogor for a day trip or longer, I highly recommend this gorgeous little sanctuary.  It is best to go as early as possible, around 8.00am, so you can have a chance to look around before the sun gets too hot for the little ones, and before any school groups have a chance to arrive and cause chaos overfeeding all the animals and making them sleepy.

The entry is Rp. 30,000 per person and milk and food for the animals is a small additional cost.  Samudra loved feeding the goats and sheep but was a little intimidated by the cows this time, although he did manage to feed a calf a whole bottle of milk by himself.

The rabbit enclosure was sweet as miraculously we were the only ones in there and many rabbits ran up to Samudra wanting to eat and he was in heaven!  I think the animals in Kuntum are the most well fed and well cared for animals I’ve seen over here and it really is a lovely little environment where the kids can get up close to the animals and feed and pat them.

Since our last visit the grounds seem to have changed alot with many new little buildings now in the gardens to sit and relax in and the vegetable gardens look incredible.  It’s a great spot for the kids to play around and use their imaginations running along all the little pathways.

We were so excited that Samudra would be able to visit his favourite spot again, the horses at the back of the property, as he has always adored them and giggled as soon as he sees them. Not this time though, as soon as he reached the end of the track and saw them he screamed “don’t want that horsey ride!”.  Sigh.

I’m sure we’ll be back again in the next couple of months and hopefully by then his new found fear of ‘horsies’ will have subsided.

You can find Kuntum Nurseries at Jl. Raya Tajur No.291, Bogor Tim., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16145, Indonesia

Tasha May_We love jakarta_Kuntum Nurseries_feeding goats

Happiness feeding goats milk

Tasha May_We love jakarta_Kuntum Nurseries_rabbit enclosure

Surrounded by super cute bunnies

Tasha May_We love jakarta_Kuntum Nurseries_rabbits being fed

So sweet

Tasha May_We love jakarta_Kuntum Nurseries_feeding rabbits carrots

Making friends with the little rabbit

Tasha May_We love jakarta_Kuntum Nurseries_feeding cows

It’s a moo moo cow!

Tasha May_We love jakarta_Kuntum Nurseries_feeding cows grass

Here, have some grass

Tasha May_We love jakarta_Kuntum Nurseries_feeding a calf

Tip the bottle upwards! Poor calf trying to climb out of the enclosure to get a proper drink

FullSizeRender 13 BLOG_feeding cows at Kuntum Nurseries

Eat some more!

FullSizeRender 61 BLOG_Kuntum Nurseries

A crazy beautiful tree and my baby

Tasha May_We love jakarta_Kuntum Nurseries_horse riding

Samudra used to LOVE riding around this beautiful trail