Glodok & Kota Tua with Treen

A stall filled with stationery at the markets in Glodok

Getting ready for the new year!

Treen walking through the markets in Kota Tua... I love the buildings in this part of the city

Fake braces for sale! What I would have done for these in the days watching The Cosby Show and wanting to be Denise Huxtable! hahaha

Treen obeying the rules... No photos of this car as the sign says... xxx

Cooking up some pretty looking fried stars... I wonder what's inside?

Outside Cafe Batavia in Kota Tua... now what's with that pose?

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  1. Windu Kuntoro says:

    I like the last pic`s. are they not feeling hot with their jacket ? I`ve been visit Jakarta last year and I need shower many times. But I like them, their world.

    • welovejakarta says:

      Reading your messages today is giving me a laugh… thank you! I’m sure they’re hot in their jackets and jumpers but it’s all about their image… they want to look cool and scarey but they were too lovely and friendly to be scarey… they made me laugh! It’s definately tooo hot for those clothes! I sweat wearing a tshirt only… 🙂

  2. aliff malysia says:

    Im from malaysia I waant u be my dealer of for fake braces can ?

    • welovejakarta says:

      Thank you for your message Aliff. Unfortunately I am not able to be a dealer of fake braces for you! I saw them for sale in the market a couple of years ago now and have no idea where to find them anymore. Thanks so much for reading our blog and taking the time to comment, we really appreciate it.