Car Free Day in Jakarta

Ahhhh Sunday… you have saved my sanity by giving me a chance to walk around outdoors without the fear of being run over by weird and wonderful vehicles… although the amount of bikes on the road this morning was a little overwhelming! Great to see so many eager Jakartans up at 6.00am to take advantage of Jl Sudirman being free from horrendous traffic… It was good to get my legs moving and work up a ridiculous sweat rather than wandering around an air conditioned mall for exercise!  I have to remember to do it more often…

I’m not sure if there was a celebration on this morning but there were hundreds of men in traditional clothing riding around and yelling all morning!

Go the red and white! Proud Indonesians 🙂

Good Morning lovely ladies!

Let’s celebrate with the marching band!

I can’t resist a beautiful Indonesian baby!

Possibly the happiest and most enthusiastic dance instructor I have ever seen!

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  1. Rere says:

    The dance instructor looks so hilarious, lol

    • welovejakarta says:

      I agree!!! I took so many photos of him actually… I couldn’t stop laughing!! His smile and enthusiasm were infectious and sooo funny 🙂