100 Days of Happiness – Day 98

We were up way too early again as usual and headed off for our beautiful morning walk around the neighbourhood, stopping to chat to the ibu ibu and babies as always, but Samudra seemed quiet and tired so we didn’t walk for too long today. Although it was he that was poking me in the eyes, nose, and mouth while laughing and wanting me to wake up and play, he really seemed low on energy when we were up and about and quickly fell back to sleep once we returned home.

It seems that Samudra takes after me and is a super fussy eater and I can’t seem to get him to eat much more than tahu, tempe, bread, watermelon and yoghurt and everything else is greeted with a closed mouth. Every day his nanny cooks him bubur and pumpkin, tahu, etc but it is a very rare occasion that he will eat more than a mouthful of anything. I have passed a fairly new little shop on Jl Kemang Raya called Baby Bar quite a few times and thought maybe today is the day I should finally venture inside and see if they have anything Samudra would actually eat.

What a sweet little shop it is and I really love their food packaging. They sell baby cereal, biscuits, puree and fruit mousse, all with recommendations on what flavours babies should eat according to their age. From past experience he won’t touch cereal and as the food here is a little pricier than what I would like to spend on food he may not want to touch, I settled on some strawberry mousse and apple biscuits. All their ingredients are organic and there are no preservatives or colorants added. Their little bags are adorable and it seemed Samudra was happy being in the store as he squealed with happiness once again.

We got back into our taxi and headed to Bangka to attend the German community garage sale which was a fund raising event. I had been invited by the lovely Anna Hauptmann and when we arrived I was surprised to see the place so packed with people! It had started at 9.30am and it was 10.30am when we arrived and already so much had apparently sold. There were so many people rummaging through the boxes of second hand goods and clothes and I am hoping they raised alot of money as there were certainly many people there supporting the cause.

Back at home again and Samudra was loving the

Day 98_IMG_3127 2

Day 98: Finished our early morning walk and he is back to sleep. Happiness.

Day 99_IMG_3154 2

Day 98: Super cute packaging at Baby Bar. Happiness.

Day 99_IMG_3156 2

Day 98: Baby Bar Cereal. Happiness.

Day 99_IMG_3163 2

Day 98: German community fund raising garage sale. Happiness.

Day 98_IMG_3134 2

Day 98: Watching Twinkle Twinkle Little Star animation. Happiness.

Day 98_IMG_3140 2

Day 98: Good night my beautiful little boy. Happiness.