100 Days of Happiness – Day 97

This morning I couldn’t decide whether I had the energy or not to go for a walk too far, so thought it best I just do a quick block around the house and so didn’t take the camera with me.  How silly of me.. of course once Samudra and I went out the front gate we were distracted looking at flowers, following cats and saying hello to other babies and before I knew it we were far from the house and down an alleyway where a man was standing with a big cage of homing pigeons and releasing them into the sunny morning sky.  It looked amazing and Samudra was confused but squealing with excitement. I wish I took the camera with me. We ended up walking through the winding streets and came to a section of hustle and bustle, with music blaring from an old transistor radio while men chopped down trees, kids were riding on their bicycles and women were gathered around the fruit and vegetable sellers buying food for the day.

An hour later we returned to the house after our spontaneous adventure and as much as I wished I had taken photos, it was actually nice to have been free from lugging the heavy thing around and actually be present in the moment and enjoy it totally with Samudra.

The rest of the day was spent locked away inside at my computer with every hour blurring into the next until it was time for Samudra’s nanny to go home and I put the sling back on and off Samudra, Daffa, Daffa’s friends and I set for an afternoon walk. We were only 1 block away when we ran into some energetic little boys and their kites and they wanted to know where we were going.  As soon as they knew we were going to the park, they wound up their kite strings and followed us, gathering more and more children along the way.  It was too funny! By the time we got to the park there were so many children around all trying to get Samudra’s attention that it got a little overwhelming for him and he ended up momentarily in tears.

Some of the kids I had never seen before and they saw this as their chance to practise their English and started asking me random questions and then bursting into fits of laughter and acting all shy when I answered them. It was completely adorable.  We watched as the horse and carriage ride carried young children around the park, kids playing with kites and kicking balls around on the grass and some school kids playing badmington up near the school.

It must be so wonderful to grow up with so many kids around having adventures together – this complex has so many babies, toddlers and primary school kids around on the streets so as a child you could never get lonely.  As we headed back home all the kids were asking if they could come to our house to play but I told them Samudra had to sleep and that we would be back again soon, so they followed us for awhile and then stopped to wave goodbye at the end of the park. So much sweetness.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are.

Day 97_IMG_3098 2

Day 97: The sweet boys with kites as we went on our walk. Happiness.

Day 97_IMG_3103 2

Day 97: Some of the kids that followed us to the park. Happiness.

Day 97_IMG_3112 2

Day 97: Sweet little Tasya. Happiness.

Day 97_IMG_3116 2

Day 97: Just a few of those still walking with us. Happiness.

Day 97_IMG_3121 2

Day 97: I could only get half the kids in the picture as the others ran off into the side street laughing. Happiness.