100 Days of Happiness – Day 95

My 100 Days of Happiness have already come to an end and it’s been so long since I last updated, so I need to try and remember what happened in the last few days… I was so close to the end and then got completely sidetracked!

Today I had a lovely morning watching Samudra and Daffa playing together in the lounge. It is so obvious that Samudra adores Daffa as he is always trying to crawl over him and squealing loudly with excitement when he is around, and Daffa is always waiting outside our bedroom to play with Samudra or opening the door to stick his head in to see if Samudra can play with him.  They have a very cute relationship together and I have taken way too many photos of them playing around the house and complex.

In the afternoon I joined Treen, Jackie and Claire at Three Buns Senopati and what a cool venue this cafe is at!  It was our first time to try this place and when we arrived there seemed to be a long line out the front and it looked like a very popular and cool place to hang out at.  I had never even heard of it before today and was so happy to be somewhere new again and loved the interior.  There is a old van at the front where you order your food, and then inside there are trees and layers and layers of wooden steps with cushions and some random seating and tables and a bar over to one side.  We climbed to the top of the stairs and luckily got a table with a sunken floor for our legs, and we ended up sharing this space with other customers.  It’s a great relaxed atmosphere but there wasn’t much on the menu for vegetarians, but the french fries were crunchy, salty and delicious and although I heard that the burgers were pretty average, the surrounds made up for what the food lacked… oh and the drinks were divine and refreshing too!

In the ever changing face of Jakarta there are always new places opening and closing so quickly these days and so it’s hard to keep up and know where to go. I feel so out of touch and out of the loop since having Samudra so it was great to go somewhere different that isn’t attached to one of Jakarta’s 70+ malls.

We walked down the road in need of a sugar fix and stopped in at The Harvest which looked so grand and inviting from outside, but there were no tables left inside so we sat on the balcony and melted for a few minutes before deciding it was too hot to stay  and ended up in a taxi back to the old favourite, Koi Kemang, for desserts.  I hadn’t been hungry but managed to quickly polish off a bowl of chocolate mousse with chocolate chips in under a minute as it was incredible.

With a full belly I made it home in time for Samudra to fall asleep for an hour or so before Putra decided he was hungry and we ended up at Raja Rasa for dinner again.  So overall it was a fun day with an overload of food which left me bursting at the seams but oh so totally worth it!

I hope you had a delicious and happy day wherever in the world you are.

Day 95_IMG_2912

Day 95: Playing with Daffa. Happiness.

Day 95_IMG_2926

Day 95: Look who’s learning to walk! Happiness.

Day 95_IMG_2935

Day 95: Samudra LOVES to bang the piano keys! Happiness.

Day 95_IMG_2965

Day 95: Eating Orange for the first time. Happiness.

Day 95_IMG_2959

Day 95: This bag tastes delicious! ha. Happiness.

Day 95_IMG_2970

Day 95: Downstairs at 3 Buns. Happiness.

Day 95_IMG_2977

Day 95: Nice vibe. Happiness.

Day 95_IMG_2992

Day 95: Chocolate mousse dessert at Koi. Happiness.