100 Days of Happiness – Day 91

We missed our morning walk again this morning as Samudra woke at silly-still-dark-o’clock again with a super full nappy and once I changed him he wanted to play! We had to play with his teddy bears in the dark on the bed while Putra lay snoring beside us until finally Samudra put his head down and fell asleep on his own as the sun rose.  I am hoping this is not going to be a lasting normal morning routine as I find I can’t sleep again once I have woken. Instead I sat outside drinking a milo and watching as the sun rose and the light filtered through the orchid flowers hanging from the tree.  As I got back into bed I heard voices out in the living room and it was kakek and nenek and their relatives who had all returned from a trip to visit family in Padang.

When I finally got out of bed again there were boxes everywhere of oleh oleh food they had brought back with them!  Indonesians make me laugh with their love of food and especially their concept of having to buy everyone oleh oleh (gifts) when you go on a trip.  I find it stressful enough having to find something to take back to mum when I go to Australia, but Indonesian families are so HUGE and everyone always asks for you to bring them something if you are going out of the city – even if it’s only 3 hours away to Bandung. So it’s not unusual to see families at the airport with piles and piles of cardboard boxes filled with food and goodies from their travels.  I have joined a family on a trip to Bandung once, which consisted of leaving super early in the morning, only to arrive there a few hours later and then we spent the whole day going from shop to shop buying oleh-oleh, including meatballs, crackers, clothing, you name it, for all their friends. Then we headed home in the late evening and all we had done was shop for people all day long.  What a selfless way to spend a day out of the city, but I prefer to be able to look around without shopping when experiencing a new place.

I spent all day infront of the computer yet again and I updated the latest WordPress plugin on this site and now it’s WEIRD and difficult to be able to resize photos as it all has to be done manually, so I can see WLJ Blog may turn into a mess for awhile.. time to look for a new theme… any suggestions?  I am happy to write and upload photos, but anything technical or trying to work out column sizes, sidebars, widgets, etc… blah! I don’t really have a clue what to do.

I did take Samudra for a walk around the block in the late afternoon, but the sky was overcast so we didn’t venture off too far and the streets were unusually quiet in anticipation of the hujan (rain).  We ended up spending the evening playing with all his toys, giggling, and watching him chew on his books as always.. nothing is safe from being chewed on these days as he learns to experience the world around him.

I hope you all had a beautiful day too wherever in the world you are.

Day 91: Sweet yoghurt face! Happiness.

Day 91: Time to read (eat!) books again.. yum. Happiness.