100 Days of Happiness – Day 77

I was so happy to wake up and know that we would be heading out to see Deasy and Amaru again today, I really miss chats with Deasy and it’s been a long time between visits. I smiled as we travelled back through the streets of Pamulang as there was so much going on and people going about their daily business and Samudra was busy trying to pull on the taxi door handle laughing hysterically.

We passed an airport and I noticed there were loads of men in parachutes landing on the grass and as I turned back around I noticed 3 were hovering outside the fence, one just above a shop rooftop, one a little higher, and then the third managed to land just outside the fence on the side of the road! Luckily there was not much traffic around but he had a big audience watching from the sides of the road, not that anyone went to check if he was ok. A little morning excitement on our way.

Arriving at Deasy’s, it was great to see her beaming and seeing how much Amaru has changed since our last visit.. he is already 62cm at 2 months old, that’s only 2cm shorter than Samudra at 8 months! So they are around the same height but Amaru still looks so fragile while Samudra seemed such a rough playing little boy already, banging on everything and trying to grab at anything he could get his hands on. I love it! He seems to have discovered his hands this week and keeps holding them up to check out his fingers moving around. Time really does go too fast.

We had a lovely visit with Deasy, Tommy, Amaru and Deasy’s nieces, who were so quiet and beautiful just watching the boys. It’s never enough time for a visit but we had to head home so I could be productive and so Samudra’s nanny wouldn’t be going crazy just sitting around waiting for us.

In the late afternoon Putra, Samudra and I jumped on the vespa and headed up to Jason’s Supermarket, with Putra’s hair blowing all over us and it was nice to feel the breeze on our faces and all be together as we don’t get to spend much time all together during the week these days, so I treasure any moments we can have alone.

I hope you had a beautiful day too wherever in the world you are.

Day 77: Deasy’s niece… SO cute! Happiness.

Day 77: Prada Bintang Amaru at 2 months. Happiness.

Day 77: Aunty Deasy and Samudra. Happiness.

Day 77: Beautiful mumma Deasy with Amaru. Happiness.

Day 77: Amaru is so loved. Happiness.