100 Days of Happiness – Day 76

As today was spent infront of my computer all day or otherwise holding Samudra to try and calm him down from crying, I didn’t have any chance for mini adventures or photo taking outside of the house.  Being inside all day makes me realise how much I LOVE being out on the streets, how I could never work full time in an office again, and how much I take my ‘freedom’ for granted.  Being able to work from home is the best feeling in the world, although it can be lonely at times, I prefer to be without office gossip, and if I need to be around people, I can take my laptop to a cafe while I work if I feel I need people around me.  Writing this blog has also kept me amused for years and kept my enthusiasm for Jakarta up as I walk around with a camera chatting to people and it has given me the opportunity to attend so many events that I would otherwise not have known about, and for that I am eternally grateful..

Also working with Putra on documentaries for our company, Anatman Pictures (www.anatmanpictures.com) keeps life interesting, meeting lots of people with amazing stories to share, travelling to new and exciting places in Indonesia, and I realise I am blessed.  Although being freelancers there is always down time when you don’t know when or where your next pay cheque will come from,  I much prefer the work/life balance that it allows for and it means I am not hanging for a Friday night drink, or waiting desperately for the weekend to come so I can have time to myself, and it also means that I can be super productive when I need to be as I know the job will come to an end and I will have my time back to spend with Samudra or doing whatever needs to be done.  Most of my work comes through word of mouth also which is great, but it also means that at present I am a little out of the loop as I have been looking after Samudra full time for the past 8 months, so time to get back in contact with the outside world to create some new designs (www.tashamay.net) and to find some more people with interesting stories to share that we can film. Life is beautiful.

As I don’t have any of my own photos to share from today, I am going to post a picture from my dear friend Joe’s event coming up in June, for Indonesia Creative Week 2014.  Joe has been organising these events for a few years now and I have unfortunately missed both.. firstly as I was too ill when I was pregnant and last year I was in Australia at the time.. so this year.. fingers crossed all goes to plan and I WILL BE THERE! yah! I can’t wait for this and look forward to taking some photos there and sharing them with you all. It will be held at Skeeno Hall in Gandaria City from 5-8 June, 2014 so I hope to see some of your familiar faces there.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 76: Indonesia Creative Week 2014. Happiness.

Day 76: A throwback photo from 2010 of Wishing Lanterns at Ancol. Sending you all love. Happiness.