100 Days of Happiness – Day 73

Another early morning so again I put Samudra in his baby sling and off we headed for a morning walk.  I really love it when I actually make the effort to get out of bed and leave the house so early.  I wasn’t too sure where to head today so just randomly walked with Samudra as he was loving watching all the neighbourhood cats wandering around.. they are EVERYWHERE in this complex and I am sure most of them are completely feral as they don’t look like they are properly cared for and they are mostly eating out of the fly ridden rubbish pits on the side of the road.

We ended up winding through the streets, speaking to bin men, the jamu juice lady, another lady selling vegetables on the side of the road, until we saw a group of little boys and women ahead surrounding the bike powered kids ride.  Then a lady started calling out Samudra’s name above from the second story of a house and everyone started calling out his name and waving us over. I didn’t recognise anyone so felt a moment of awkwardness as I looked for a familiar face but didn’t see any. I guess the bule baby in this area is a novelty so his name preceeds him.

I have seen these rides around so many times over the years and thought they looked so fun but obviously never had a cause to get up close until now.  In Australia you would find a single sit-on toy that you put a dollar into the slot and it moves around to music for a few minutes, but here you have four seats and all powered by the guy riding around on his bike.  I have seen ladies in a kampung near Jalan Benda powering the ride for some morning exercise while giggling in the past and the kids really seem to enjoy it.  One of the ladies this morning took Samudra out of his sling and he happily sat on the toy car at the back and jumped up and down in excitement as it moved around and the music played, as the guy pedalled behind him. He even cried a little when it was time for the owner to ride off to find another group of happy customers. Bless. We will have to keep an eye out for him in future as I never see these rides close to the house.

Another day of being productive and playing intermittently with Samudra until it was time for his nanny to go home and we spent the evening reading books and laughing until it was time for Samudra to sleep.  This week disappeared far too quickly once again but it was another lovely one!

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are.

Day 73: Little boys enjoy the ride and eating donuts. Happiness.

Day 73: Please take my photo! Happiness.

Day 73: So much cuteness. Happiness.

Day 73: Samudra’s first time on one of these rides. Happiness.