100 Days of Happiness – Day 69

It seems Samudra has mastered the art of rolling ALL OVER the bed in his sleep, kicking me, then rolling to the end of the bed and back and hitting Putra, and all the time looking so peaceful! Once I am awake in the morning I cannot seem to sleep again no mater how tired I am, so as soon as Samudra woke up I bathed him and we sat on the bed looking at books and I was so impressed that this was the first time that he actually wanted to hold the book and turn the pages back and forth on his own.. before chewing on them of course.

Putra and I decided to take advantage of having a nanny and headed back to the gym nice and early in the morning, only to find that it was packed and someone was playing the worst music up loud over the speakers. The only equipment available were the bikes so we sat there slowly pedalling waiting for the treadmills and by the time they were free we were so over being there! So a quick walk and we left sweating and dissatisfied after our mornings enthusiasm had worn off. I quickly undid any good that exercising may have done by purchasing a huge french stick and cheese at Hero in Kemang and demolishing the whole thing on my own once we returned home, followed by tempe mendoan. Why is it that everything that is no good for you is so delicious? There’s no hope for me..

I tried to be productive today but kept being interrupted by Samudra’s screaming crying and ended up holding him and feeding him most of the day as it was the only way he would stop. He was so incredibly unsettled, but the appearance of a tiny fourth tooth may explain all the tears, poor sweetheart!

There was a massive storm in the late afternoon and seriously scarey heavy rain pelting down on the roof so I gave up trying to get anything done and settled into snuggle mode with my baby, reading his books again and waiting for Putra to make it home once the rain had stopped.

Putra had another friend over, so we snuck in another glass of Baileys and once again it sent me off to a quick and peaceful sleep.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 69: Samudra wanting to hold one his books for the first time ever. Happiness.

Day 69: .. and 5 seconds later it’s in his mouth! Happiness.

Day 69: Fish for sale on the side of the road in Kemang. Happiness.

Day 69: Buy some phone credit so you can play on your phone while your clothes get fixed at the mobile tailor. Happiness.

Day 69: Back to reading (and chewing) in the late afternoon.. Happiness.

Day 69: Thanks for lots of snuggles today. Happiness.