100 Days of Happiness – Day 64

Another early start to the morning with cuddles, and then I decided it would be good to feed Samudra and take him for an early morning walk to take photos as it’s been awhile since we have done this.  We didn’t make it past the kitchen as kakek was home and he ended up taking Samudra for a morning walk instead.  Bless, so much love for our little boy and I do feel very grateful. Maybe we can walk tomorrow.

After an hour or so of continuing to work on updating my new website, I caught a taxi with Samudra to Pejaten Village for a play date with Ita and Shaquille.  We only get to catch up when it is school holidays for Ita so it’s lovely to see how much our boys have changed since our last meeting and to see them going through the same phases, this time banging everything as loudly as they can and chewing on everything they can get their hands on.  It was lovely to see them both today and I look forward to our next get together next holidays!  I think we have hired the most confused nanny, as she asked Putra if it is really her job to just play with Samudra and not to have to follow me whenever I go out with Samudra.  I won’t be taking him out as much in the coming days as I have so much to do at home, so she will spend more time with him, but I think it is the easiest job she has ever had and she seems pretty happy about it!

So, now that I am going to have more time on my hands to be productive, once I have updated our websites, feel free to let me know if there are any events coming up in Jakarta that I should go photograph to share with everyone… I am feeling very out of the loop these days and am ready to get back out on the streets, both with Samudra, and also baby free, to see what’s happening amongst the chaos… so any exhibitions, cultural events or otherwise, I am up for it!

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever you are in the world.

Day 64: Morning cuddles with Bapak. Happiness.

Day 64: Play date with Shaquille. Happiness.

Day 64: Catching with Ita and Shaquille. Happiness.