100 Days of Happiness – Day 6


It took awhile to get today going, after a late night and waking super early, it was hard to leave the comfort of bed this morning. Samudra and I went out to visit a new friend and her beautiful kids in Kemang Village today, so it was great to have some proper chats while the kids played. By the time I finally took my camera out I had a split second to try and take a photo before Samudra and Elias both ended up in tears of tiredness and it was time to go home. So I didn’t really capture the essence of todays baby play date happiness but it was certainly there a few moments earlier!

It has rained non-stop since we left Kemang so it’s been another afternoon indoors, trying to be productive in between playing with our beautiful boy. Hopefully this rain will stop long enough for us to venture out and snap some daily life on the streets of Jakarta to share soon.

Until then, I’m going to snuggle up and watch one of my happiness dvd purchases while listening to the sound of the rain outside. Ah, what bliss!

Hope you all had a happy day too wherever you are in the world.

Day 06: Samudra loving being mobile moving around in his new toy in the garden. Happiness.

Day 06: Baby play date with Elias and although it doesn’t look it here, they were happy a split second before this photo. They crashed with tiredness at the same time. Happiness.