100 Days of Happiness – Day 59

It was an early start to the morning as Samudra woke me by pulling on my nose and lips as usual and wasn’t interested in going back to sleep, so I got up and took him for a morning walk around the surrounding kampung as the sun rose. There were so many mothers and grandmothers in the alleyways with babies in slings feeding them rice by hand and they all wanted to know where we were staying and were we friends with Antar. How did they all know? News travels fast in little kampungs.  I was surprised to see so many new houses in the area and later found out from Antar’s father that many people had to rebuild after Mount Merapi erupted in 2006 and the earthquakes damaged most of the surrounding houses back then.

Once Putra woke up we went to visit the bakery I had been to previously and the area was so crowded with the morning markets out on the streets.  With becaks, motorbikes, stalls set up on the sides of the streets, it looked so picturesque but again too tricky to take photos with Samudra in the sling unfortunately.  Instead we sat on a stool in the bakery and watched the hustle and bustle out on the street and then I walked home while Putra went off filming again.  We were stopped by many people calling out Samudra’s name and it made me laugh that it’s always the same wherever we go.. people are just so incredibly friendly here!

Another fun day which ended up with us back at Mila’s vegetarian restaurant (we are so predictable) and this time there was a long waiting line for tables just as we sat on the cushions in one of the bungalows so perfect timing for us.  The waiter also returned Samudra’s baby bottle that I had left behind a couple of days ago.. how good is that? That would never likely happen in Jakarta.

I hope you had a fun day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 59: Becak driver at the morning market. Happiness.

Day 59: Watching the bread rolls being made and filled with strawberry jam at the bakery… yum! Happiness.