100 Days of Happiness – Day 58

This morning Putra left at 5.00am to go filming so when Samudra woke an hour or so later, we walked down the street and I noticed a little bakery so we went inside and the girls working there were so excited and all came to pinch Samudra’s cheeks.  It was incredibly hot yet again as we stepped back outside and I spied a Pasar (market) across the street so I quickly walked inside to get some shade and it was like a tin shed sauna in there, but it was amazing! So much food for sale and ladies sitting at their stalls with sun rays beaming on them through cracks in the roof calling out to us.  They came to try and take Samudra out of his sling for a hold, but he wasn’t feeling the love in the heat and didn’t want to let go of my arm, so we braved the sun again and practically ran back to the house as there was no shade on the road.

We sat and chatted with Tika and her beautiful boy Jagad (his name translates to ‘universe’), so Samudra and Jagad have the universe, ocean and sky covered with their names! We had funny conversations as I struggled with my Indonesian and Tika spoke very little English but we managed to have a lovely time together until Putra came and picked us up to take us by motorbike to head to Loving Hut for lunch on Jl. Dagen.  By now the sun was unbearable and I was almost in tears as Samudra screamed and wriggled to try and get free of the sling as we rode along, but there are very few drive-by taxis in Kotagede so as soon as we found one (very close to our destination in the end!), I got off and asked the driver to turn up the a/c so Samudra and I could cool down and calm down. Once we had eaten at Loving Hut I walked up to the mall to get some food for Samudra and bought a gift for Kiki to hopefully bring some love to her on the day of her mum’s memorial.

The prayer service was held at Kiki’s mum’s place and it was a big mix of interesting people and funny characters but I had to miss most of it as it was too warm inside and I didn’t want to disturb anyone with Samudra crying and I didn’t want to ruin Putra’s filming.  So we sat outside and there were plenty of funny people there to talk to and children crowding around us from the kampung. I wish I had taken photos of everyone but it was rather difficult and Putra has captured everyone so will just have to wait until his documentary is finished.  Kiki was amazing and I haven’t seen her shed a tear although I know she misses her mum terribly and it must be so hard having to move and live with a whole new family. She did ask jokingly if she could come to Jakarta to be with Samudra and I so wish I could take her, but unfortunately it’s just not that easy.

Another meal back at Bladok as it was the closest destination by becak in the evening rain and then I caught a taxi back to the guest house and had a funny time giving Samudra a wash with the bucket and ladle. I don’t think I will ever get used to this way of showering as I love warm running water too much and can’t bare the thought of pouring cold water down my back! How very un-Indonesian of me..

I hope you had a beautiful day today wherever in the world you are.

Day 58: Good Morning! Happiness.

Day 58: Many friends were reading prayers for Maryani. Bless.

Day 58: More loving for Samudra at the memorial. Happiness.