100 Days of Happiness – Day 57

How blessed are we? Antar’s mum and aunty were up very early preparing a delicious vegetarian breakfast at the house just for us, and I felt incredibly spoilt as we ate more fresh vegetables with tempe and tahu. The food in Jogja tastes so much fresher and healthier to me and maybe that’s why my eating here has been out of control! I used to be lucky if I ate one proper meal a day because the heat made me not want to eat, just drink copious amounts of iced lemon tea, but now there’s no stopping me!

Putra was off filming again and I decided to take a quick walk down the main street of Kotagede to check out the silver stores and see what is in the area.  Thankfully I didn’t bring my wallet with me, although the prices were really cheap for handmade silver jewellery, but I seem to lose everything and Samudra just pulls at any jewellery I wear so better I go without for now.  It was fun to see all the becak drivers and people going about their daily lives on the street but the heat, oh the heat! We then joined Putra as he went to film one of his subjects who owns and lives in a very large complex in an old part of the city.  The houses there are amazing and you cannot see the horizon anywhere as you pass through winding alleyways and high walls of all the houses. It’s quite a magical place to visit.

Next we visited an NGO office, before heading back to Mila’s vegetarian restaurant and eating some delicious spinach, egg and cheese nasi gorgeng and tempe mendoan. Yum! Then it was back to Kotagede to watch some dancing and Samudra and I took a walk through the winding streets and checked out the kampung and met so many friendly people along the way who bombarded us with questions about where we are from, what are we doing in the area, how long is the flight from Jakarta to Jogja, how come Samudra doesn’t have a nose like mine! etc. I still find it funny no matter how many times I get asked the same questions.

It was another fun day for us and I hope you had a beautiful day too wherever you are in the world.

Day 57: Samudra’s new friend. Happiness.

Day 57: Hanging out in Kotagede and making new friends. Happiness.

Day 57: Watching a Waria dance performance. Happiness.

Day 57: The winding streets of the old city in Kotagede. Happiness.