100 Days of Happiness – Day 55

Oooops! It seems that I am so far behind with my updates as we have been away for the past week that I got confused with my last post and mixed up some photos along the way! So let me correct myself here.. Sorry!

For the first three years that I travelled to Jogja I always stayed at Bladok Losmen which is close to Jl Sosrowijian and for three years we had problems with bed bugs, but for some reason I kept going back! I think I just liked the staff and loved the food, so this morning we headed to their cafe for chocolate pancakes – enak! They were just as good as I last remembered..

After more filming and meeting up with people we headed out for yet more food, at our new favourite restaurant, Madam Tan’s near Tugu Statue. I haven’t been eating too much rice for awhile now and on these last trips to Jogja I can’t seem to get enough of the delicious nasi merah (red rice), it’s a new addiction of mine!

We rested back at the Hotel and enjoyed the a/c in our room and the boys slept while I watched some strange Indo TV station that I couldn’t understand but had me laughing out loud! Once they woke up it was off for a night swim in the pool before we headed to EFM Cafe for some dinner and I was SO HAPPY to run into an old friend, Diaz, who was back working there once again.  Treen and I first met Diaz back in 2009 on a trip to Jogja and I have returned many times and seen him but the last year or so we kept missing eachother in Jogj and Jakarta so it was great to finally catch up again.

Putra and I decided to stop for one quick drink at Lucifer Bar as a detour on our way back to the Hotel, but Samudra had other ideas and was too tired and started crying just as our drinks arrived, so a super quick drink and we settled back into our room for the night after a fun but relaxing day.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 55: Splashing around in the pool with bapak. Happiness.

Day 55: Wrapped up for cuddles after their night swim. Happiness.

Day 55: Meeting up with an old friend, Diaz. Happiness.