100 Days of Happiness – Day 47

Today started with an early complimentary breakfast at the Hotel of nasi goreng and tempe mendoan, followed by way too many mini croissants.. what’s with my ridiculously insatiable appetite?

It was another steaming hot day in Jogja, all of it spent meeting people with Samudra at the locations where Putra was filming.  I would like to share some photos of the characters but you will have to wait until a later date as I can’t give much away at this time, but they were all so lovely and welcoming towards us so we had a fun day.

I caught a becak back to the hotel in the late afternoon with Samudra so he could cool down in the a/c.  Our becak driver was yet another old man and I felt so sorry for him in the searing heat, pedalling away with us in the front and going so slowly that I could tell that he was really struggling.  I did love seeing life on the streets in Jogja though, it’s such a colourful city and there’s so much to explore and discover here and it’s also easy to walk around without fear of being run over like in Jakarta.  Our becak driver took us right to the front step of the hotel and tipped us out and I gave him a big tip so he could hopefully go get himself a drink and meal and have a rest.

We met Putra later for dinner at Loving Hut.. I can’t believe our luck at having this restaurant only a 3 minute walk from our hotel!  I used to be addicted to their food in Jakarta when I lived in Kemang, until they closed the restaurant down as it seems that Treen and I were the only people in the area that were ever in there eating their vegan food. This time it was just as tasty as I remembered it so Putra and I were super happy!  Putra even managed to make another quick trip back there with Samudra before we were picked up by our lovely friend Ulet and his wife and kids for a catch up at their place.  They have a little boy Hara who is the same age as Samudra and he was so tiny last time we caught up and this time he was towering over Samudra in height but not feeling too well unfortunately.  They still had a roll around the mat together and pulling at eachothers arms and heads which was funny and it was great to catch up with Ulet again.

I hope you all had a beautiful day too wherever in the world you are.

Day 47: Samudra giving some love to the mother of one of Putra’s documentary characters. Happiness.

Day 47: Back with Kiki for the day. Happiness.

Day 47: Kiki getting so excited playing on my iPhone for the first time. Happiness.

Day 47: Samudra playing with the neighbours in Jogja. Happiness.

Day 47: This little boy didn’t want his photo taken, but kept sitting and watching and waiting.. Then he didn’t want to leave after seeing his photo on my camera. Happiness.

Day 47: Becak’s parked out the front of Ibis that Samudra and I passed while riding on a becak. Happiness.