100 Days of Happiness – Day 46

This morning was another early start and for once I had to wake Samudra up as we were heading to the airport to fly to Jogja for a few days so Putra could film for a new short documentary.  I had forgotten how quick the flight there actually was, and no sooner had we sat and fastened our seatbelts for take-off and fed Samudra, we were ready to land again. 1 hour certainly does goes fast!

It was steaming hot as we descended the steps from the plane onto the tarmac, and although Jakarta seems ridiculously hot, Jogja seems to take it to another level! Samudra’s kakek and nenek also happened to be there at the same time, so kakek picked us up from the airport and we headed to an open-air cafe for some delicious nasi goreng, sayur, tempe and tahu (I am sooo predictable with my food!).  While we were there the sky darkened and rain started pelting down, until the raised dining area we were sitting in was surrounded by rising water.  It looked like a beautiful water feature, but infact the whole area and out to the street was flash flooding!  As we drove to our hotel the water in the surrounding area was rising, but once we reached our destination on Jl Dagen off Jl Marlioboro there was no sign of any rain having fallen near there.  Oh it’s great to be back in Jogja!

We spent the afternoon meeting with subjects that Putra wanted to film, and it turns out that the person who was to be the main character was very ill in bed and unable to move, so the storyline will change and evolve to a new main subject.  I can’t reveal too much right now.. but stay tuned to see the final documentary.

We headed to Tiga Nonya near Tugu Statue for dinner (actually the restaurant name has changed but I forget what it is now! but the menu is the same) and it was absolutely delicious Indonesian vegetarian food which we scoffed down, before heading to the divine Phoenix Hotel to meet our dear friends Lynne and Thomas who recently got married, and who also manage the hotel.  Samudra was transfixed by Thomas’ french accent and his eyes were wide open and focused as Thomas spoke to him and it was so funny to watch! I absolutely love catching up with these two, they always leave me feeling so happy from their funny stories.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever you are in the world too.

Day 46: Samudra meeting his new friend Kiki for the first time. Happiness.

Day 46: Keeping Samudra safe in the Jendra Dagen hotel room. Doona on the floor surrounded by pillows with cartoons on the telly. Happiness.

Day 46: Catching up with lovely friends Lynne and Thomas. Happiness.