100 Days of Happiness – Day 39

This afternoon we took the jeep out for a drive to Citos to meet Treen.  It was Samudra’s first time in the jeep and he was loving it but quickly fell asleep with the sound of the engine and bumpy ride.  The jeep is the same one that Putra’s parents used to drive him and his sister around Kalimantan in when they were growing up so it was funny to have the next generation in the car today and I was imagining how much fun it must have been to go on adventures in it as kids.

We met Treen at Citos and everyone was starving and we ended up at a Thai restaurant which wasn’t the best food I have ever eaten in Jakarta, but the fried tofu was really tasty as always.  The waitress picked up Samudra and seemed to disappear within a minute of us sitting down and we had to ask for a high chair just for her to bring him back.. not that he ever sat in it with all of us holding him..  We then went to a really sweet cafe/bar which was about the only non-smoking venue we could find, and sat on some lush couches and enjoyed strawberry smoothies and it was the only place I could find to discreetly feed Samudra, tucked into a corner up the back.  I wish I had taken note of the name of the place as I loved the old art deco decorations and chilled out atmosphere in there.

I hadn’t been to Citos in such a long time and always forget that it is there.. this mall is over two levels only and has music playing throughout and has a fun atmosphere as there are always events happening.. today was the grand opening of Golds Gym so there were colourfully dressed girls walking around and some seriously buff males. It is a rarity to see excessively big muscles on guys over here so I always find it funny as it somehow doesn’t seem right to see t-shirts stretched across huge biceps on petite Indonesian men, except for the famous muscle man, Ade Rai, splashed on the sides of buses and billboards throughout Jakarta.

We stopped in at Matahari and were quickly surrounded by all the female staff… it was like bees to honey! This department store has to be one of the most over-staffed chains in Jakarta.. it seems to be 1 staff member per rack of clothes and they seem to follow us around everywhere these days pinching Samudra’s cheeks and playing with him.. I find it very bizarre!

The rest of the afternoon was spent laughing and playing as usual and went far too quickly…

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 39: Just before Samudra attacked my strawberry smoothie! Happiness.

Day 39: Funniest photo of Samudra devouring Treen’s lemon water like a puppy! Happiness.

Day 39: Laughing hysterically at bapak’s massage! Happiness.

Day 39: This is what a trip to Matahari Dept Store looks like these days.. Happiness.