100 Days of Happiness – Day 37

This morning was another one of delirium and getting up super early as Putra had to leave for work at 4.00am, so after a quick walk around the block with Samudra wide awake, we got home and went straight back to bed and watched dvd’s and slept until 10am!

I didn’t get a chance to take photos of our adventures today, as we went to Pondok Indah Mall to meet up with Putra and the crew filming a new advertisement in the Street Gallery.  Samudra was loving getting so much attention from all the girls and jumping up and down sitting on a super cool blue motorbike in the cafe.  I was surprised to look over the balcony and see there was what looked like a 50 metre huge pool and a Waterworld park outside. I so wished I could jump in as it was steaming hot in the cafe and then thought to myself that swimming in that pool would be somewhat of a nightmare unless you enjoy being watched in a pool by people dining.  Maybe I’m just too shy, but how is it that Indonesians seem to have so much confidence in themselves, that such a thing doesn’t bother them? I don’t believe I know a single self-conscious Indonesian.  Everyone seems happy to get up and sing karaoke, without a drop of alcohol, get up on stage and make everyone laugh, talk infront of a tv camera, anything really.. and I guess swimming while being watched doesn’t phase them either. I need to get myself some of their confidence!

Next we had a mission to find Daffa a birthday present for tomorrow, so we left the crew, and got stopped several times by people wanting to say hello, before I did a quick detour into The Goods Dept. I LOVE THIS SHOP.  Stocked with clothes, jewellery, homewares and gadgets from young Indonesian designers, it makes a refreshing change from being surrounded by Zara, Topshop etc in every other mall around Jakarta.. and you can find some new and unusual pieces in there.. It’s great to be able to support up and coming designers.  Two minutes after arriving in the shop with some mellow tunes playing, Samudra tucked his head into my arm and fell sound asleep.  That was it, I had to get out of the store and find a Toy Store quick smart!  I did a scan of every level and found absolutely none and my arm was about to break from the weight of Samudra so we headed to the taxi stand and off we went.

We spent the early evening watching the dvd ‘One Chance’ about the opera singer Paul Potts who won England’s Got Talent… I really loved this movie! Thank goodness for pirate dvd’s as we get to see so many awesome (and many terrible) movies here. My collection grows on a weekly basis!

Putra and I headed to Pejaten Village to buy Daffa’s gift on the motorbike and I had a heart attack to find a huge cockroach crawling around his helmet as we drove off! aaaaaaaah! We are lucky we didn’t have an accident with my reaction! We ended up eating there too at Kopi Legit which I had never seen before, tucked away in a back corner of the mall. It seems to be the most popular place to eat in Pejaten, and no doubt because it’s a smoking venue! It looks really cool and the vegetarian nasi kampung was enak but I’m not sure I will return because of the smoke.. Once upon a time it wouldn’t have phased me and I would have been smoking like a chimney in there, but now I see just how awful it really is.. thank goodness for that!

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 37: Modelling his new ‘Mudra’ t-shirt. Happiness.

Day 37: Precious bubba. Happiness.