100 Days of Happiness – Day 36

It seems that I am falling further behind every day with updating the posts! I won’t give up though, you will just have to bare with me while I try and find a minute to myself to sit at my computer.

I was up since 2.00am this morning as Samudra was crying and then I couldn’t get back to sleep until Putra left for work at 4.00am.  Between a crying baby and snoring partner I feel like my head is going slightly coo coo… I spent the whole morning playing with Samudra at home and listening to him giggle hysterically as I sang the ABC song to him… he really does brighten up every day with his cuteness and I do feel blessed that I get to spend so much precious time with him.

In the late afternoon we ventured to Dia.lo.gue Artspace in Kemang after Putra finished work to eat some feta and basil pizza which was so delicious I could have eaten several more.  I restrained myself as I seem to catch myself eating so many pizzas these days and we haven’t managed to make it back to the gym for quite some time now as Putra is flat out with work.  The cafe was completely full today and there appeared to be a creative workshop going on in the back room so there were lots of people around today.  I must remember to try and find out when all the workshops are held and whether there are any I may be able to attend in future as I need a little creative brain stimulation.

I checked out the little shop in the front of Dia.lo.gue and as usual saw so many things I would love to own made by local designers, everything is so colourful that it makes me want to take it all home.  There was also an exhibition on in the gallery by three Bandung artists titled ‘the weight of weightlessness : rhymes and rhythms of paper’ and it runs until 31 March.  There were some great framed paper shapes and an installation of what resembled paper clouds hanging from the ceiling which looked lovely in the dim light.

All in all it was a lovely day and I didn’t manage to stay up too late as I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I put on a dvd and think I must have fallen asleep 10 minutes later.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever you are in the world too.

Day 36: Sitting by himself in a cool high chair. Happiness.

Day 36: Samudra reaching for the paper clouds with his bapak. Happiness.