100 Days of Happiness – Day 35

Today I had planned to be productive and finish a design I have been trying to get onto for the past few days, but as it was only Samudra and I at home, all efforts to sit at my computer quickly went out the window, as he needs my undivided attention or else everything goes awol!

Once Samudra had tired of playing with all his toys, and slamming down the keys on the piano, I was starving and at a loss of what to do as it was far too hot to go walking outside, and he seemed restless just being carried around the house. We ended up at Black Canyon coffee in Kemang for some lunch and a drink and so Samudra could happily interact with strangers as usual.  I used to visit this cafe almost every day, sitting editing photos and using it as my office space to design while drinking copious amounts of iced lemon tea and smoking ridiculous amount of clove cigarettes! How life has changed and I am so thankful for it.  The space there at Codefin has changed so much too, the markets from downstairs have all gone, and upstairs has been transformed into little boutiques, but the pirate dvd shop is still there, so of course we had to make a visit.

Once the sun had lost some of it’s sting in the late afternoon I put Samudra in the sling and intended to do a 5 minute walk on the road around the house.  It ended up being more than an hour as we stopped and chatted to people and detoured off my chosen path. Lots of happy kids and curious mothers, questions about why my white baby has an Indonesian nose, watching kids on a horse and cart ride, and we finally made it home, dripping in sweat.

Putra and kakek arrived home just as I finished giving Samudra a bath and out we went to Cali Deli for some dinner and a quick visit to Ace Hardware before collapsing into bed early!

I hope you had a fun day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 35: I love this little chook and bell hanging above the entrance to this home. Happiness.

Day 35: Some of the beautiful people we met on our walk today. Happiness.


Day 35: Another new friend for Samudra. Happiness.

Day 35: Being sung to. Happiness.

Day 35: Enjoying a ride around the complex. Happiness.

Day 35: Cute girls enjoying the ride. Happiness.

Day 35: Sweetness sitting on the steps near home. Happiness.