100 Days of Happiness – Day 25

Another post. Another day late. Ooooops!  Yesterday was going to be so productive and I had been waiting for this day so I could see Lenny Agustin on stage at Indonesia Fashion Week 2014.  Well, let’s see. I got woken early which by now is nothing new, it rained, I stayed cosy in bed, it rained, and rained and poured with rain, and so we managed to stay in bed until the afternoon playing games with Samudra and then I decided to look outside over the balcony – and there were some local kids jumping around in the rain and laughing and they were yelling out ‘banjir!!!’ (flood) so I ran downstairs with my camera into the heavy rain and followed them around to the little alleyway a few steps from the house and it certainly was flooded!!!!

The kids were splashing around and having a fabulous time being completely drenched, playing in the ditches and getting sprayed with fast running water down the hill.  My legs started itching standing in the water and I didn’t want to think about what may be floating around in it, better I focus on watching the kids being so happy.   The houses were flooded and people were frantically trying to sweep water out, without any success.  Putra ended up taking the camera and going to photograph the floods a little further away in Mampang/Kemang and so all dreams to go to Lenny’s show had to be cancelled for tonight just for my sanity’s sake as the traffic would have been a nightmare.

So today was a happy one, relaxing in the rain and being entertained by the local kids.  It’s the simple things that are the best.

I hope you had a fun day too wherever you are in the world.

Day 25: Kids splashing around in the flooded street infront of where we live. Happiness.

Day 25: The kids had so much fun while their parents looked on under umbrellas nearby. Happiness.

Day 25: More kids came out to play in the alleyway. Happiness.

Day 25: Their house was flooded down the street but they didn’t seem too bothered! Happiness.

Day 25: Beautiful Poppie enjoying being out in the rain with all the kids. Happiness.