100 Days of Happiness – Day 16

I was so excited when I woke up this morning, knowing that I would be going for a quick visit with Samudra to meet with my dear friend Deasy and her new baby boy Prada Bintang Amaru.  I am so happy that we are experiencing parenthood at the same time after loads of fun adventures in Jakarta, watching great bands and hanging out, crying together and laughing together.. we have shared a lot in the past 3 or so years and now we get to be new mums at the same time, and our boys will get to be friends and hang out together too.

We caught a taxi out to Pamulang – this is the first time I have visited Deasy’s house in all the  years I have known her and it was sooo far away!  I didn’t mind at all, as I love watching life happen on the streets of Jakarta and there was loads to see on the way with no traffic in the late morning.  I was shocked that Deasy has to travel so far from Pamulang to Kemang and back every day and when there actually is traffic!  I am always amazed at the lengths that some people have to go to just to get to work in Jakarta – so many people travelling more than two hours each way as the traffic is horrendous, many for six days a week,  but I never hear anyone complaining about it.  Sure many have no choice but to make the long journeys, and work long hours, but it seems so unfair.  Hopefully once the monorail is started and finished here it will make people’s lives much easier.

Prada Bintang Amaru is DIVINE!!  He is so perfect and looks so tiny with the most adorable soft sounding cry and Deasy and Tommy are so happy.  Samudra looked huge in comparison, and he was laughing and jumping up and down in excitement to be there.  Bless.  I wish them all the love in the world with their journey together.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever you are in the world today too.

Day 16: Meeting Prada Bintang Amaru for the first time. Happiness.

Day 16: Deasy & Maru. Happiness.

Day 16: Samudra at Cali Deli with his bapak. Happiness.

Day 16: My partner in crime on our late afternoon mission to the gym. Happiness.

Day 16: The sun setting over the French Indonesian Residence in Kemang on our way home for the day. Happiness.