100 Days of Happiness – Day 13

Another day over and another reason to celebrate as Bib and Jo welcomed their gorgeous little girl into the world back in Melbourne. Big love and congratulations to you from us here in Jakarta, your daughter definately chose her parents well.

Babies = happiness for sure.  Babies also = sleepless nights.  So today has been fairly low key as I was up all night with Samudra being really unsettled.  Bless.  I wonder if this constant haze in my head is to become a permanent fixture? Walking around in a dream like state all day long and having an insatiable appetite!

For some reason our internet connections throughout the house have been down for a few days so we went to ITC Fatmawati to try and get the new modem sorted and I only hope it works faster than the service there – ha!  We were there for what seemed like hours and little Samudra eventually fell asleep in his little koala-like sling while some little girl came along and played with his toys I was holding in my hands.

A quick vegetarian nasi gorgeng and lemon tea for lunch in a super cute cafe at ITC (I forget the name of the place!) and a pit stop at Informa to check out sofas and pick up a few things, before returning home to move our mattress and necessary items upstairs into one half of the studio.  We will be ‘camping out’ upstairs for a few weeks as our bedroom roof needs to be cleared of termites! It’s fun for a change of scenery and now we only have to get out of bed and walk to the other side of the room to get to work.  No macet to the office for us.  Happiness.

As I listen to the sound of the rain outside I hope you all had a happy day too wherever in the world you are.

Day 12: I liked this old school poster on the wall in the cafe at ITC Fatmawati. Happiness.

Day 12: Live well, love much, laugh often. Happiness.

Day 12: Samudra sleeping in our temporary set up in the studio. Happiness.