100 Days of Happiness – Day 11

Another late night = another late post.. I will stop apologising for this as it seems that posting a day late has become normal for me!

We had a slow start to the morning as Samudra slept in late (WOW!) after a restless night and he looked exhausted, so he had a quick play with his nenek and with Daffa, before the heavens opened up and it started pouring raining once again… just in time for us to leave to meet Putra’s former VOA fellowship friends at Grand Indonesia.  It took hours to get such a short distance in the rain with the traffic barely moving, but I realised I had been indoors every time it has rained so far this year so it was good to be out in it and Samudra amused himself watching the raindrops trickle down the car windows.

We settled into Ninety-Nine Cafe in Grand Indonesia for the rest of the afternoon, eating cake, sipping a refreshing and delicious lime iced mint drink, and watching Samudra flirting with all the beautiful girls… bless!.  I am so happy that he loves to be around people and we can take him anywhere.  Apart from a few tears here and there he is changing every day and we truly are blessed to have such a gorgeous little boy.

We somehow got distracted when we said our goodbyes and got up to go home. I had wanted to see if we could watch the dancing fountain on Level 3a at Grand Indonesia, but it only goes every hour and our timing was off last night which was a shame as it’s been almost three years since I last sat and watched it.  It’s easy to be sucked in by all the bright lights, fountains, and New York themed pathways on Level 3a and we ended up finding a vegetarian restaurant, Dharma Kitchen, and stuffing ourselves silly before heading off at last.  Full bellies and a fun day. Happiness.

I hope you had a happy day wherever you are in the world too.

Day 11: Morning laughs in the garden for Samudra with his nenek. Happiness.

Day 11: Living in a country with mobile tailors that can cycle to your home. Happiness.

Day 11: Super cute bear in a coffee cup at Ninety-Nine Cafe. Happiness.

Day 11: Meeting Putra’s lovely VOA fellowship friends. Happiness.

Day 11: Samudra not crying while being held by Vina. Happiness.

Day 11: Samudra looking like a koala in his new sling. Happiness.

Day 11: ummm, ok then. Enjoy your food. Fook = Fortune. Yew = Friendship. Happiness.



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  1. Mobile tailors and vegie restaurants! It all sounds awesome…I’m going to have to visit someday.