100 Days of Happiness – Day 1

Last night there was some seriously heavy rain falling non-stop for hours on end and yet again Jakarta was left underwater and flooding in many parts of the city… so I was wondering what I would do to entertain myself and Samudra as we were going to be indoors for most of the day avoiding the chaos created outside by the hujan.. then I opened my emails and saw a message which read “Can You be Happy for 100 Days in a Row?”… hmmmmm… challenge accepted! So I have decided to post a picture or two a day of what makes me happy in Jakarta, along with any other posts of events that we visit… So here are my snapshots of Happiness for Day 1….

Day 01 : Playing with my beautiful little boy all day. Happiness.

Day 01: My gorgeous sister Treen holding Samudra at Koi, Kemang, and he’s not crying. Happiness.