Waisak Procession from Mendut Temple to Borobudur

Macet banget as the procession begins

Carrying offerings to Borobudur

Monks on a float in the procession

A young girl watching the procession

A very happy looking monk in the parade

Female monks in the procession

A monk prays with his beads as he walks

There is something peaceful in watching monks walking together in such large numbers

Monks walking to Borobudur

Monks stop to pose during the procession

Beautiful tattoo on a monk

This monk told me he lives in Paradise and blessed me telling me to be happy always

A monk blesses the crowd with holy water

Young children watch the procession from the back of a van.. so gorgeous!

A young girl in the marching band - Playing "As The Saints Go Marching In"

Beautiful scenery and beautiful faces line the streets for the procession