My Favourite Medicine..

My New Years resolution this year was that I was going to start regularly blogging again and taking daily photos out on the streets as I have been neglecting both the camera and this page and I miss the joy both bring to me, and the documenting of life here.

After our Christmas holiday adventures ended and we returned to Jakarta, things fell straight back into hectic mode before Putra ended up sick with a stomach bug which Samudra quickly caught, and when I thought all was ok, I woke feeling like I had been hit by a truck. I spent a day so weak and barely able to move from the bathroom that I ordered a taxi and took myself to emergency at Kemang Medical Centre. I spent three hours hooked up to a drip rehydrating me and then was sent home with a plastic bag filled with various medicines. I felt great for about an hour and then headed straight back to bed. Things went downhill from there, running a super high temperature, barely able to move myself from the bathroom, and huddling against the wall in bed trying to cool down my fever ridden body.

The following day Putra was out filming so he suggested we go to the doctor again in the evening when he returned but after a couple of hours, I was back in a taxi heading straight for emergency. Blood tests revealed that I had typhoid so I was swiftly admitted into the hospital and put into a the ‘rabbit’ themed room with the TV blaring as my company while I tried to sleep.  I had horrible flashbacks from being in this hospital when I was sick during my pregnancy, unable to understand the nurses, and so scared and confused about what was going on as Putra was away filming again.  Coming from Australia where visitors are not allowed to stay in your hospital room outside of visiting hours, the nurses and doctors at KMC would ask where my family was every time they checked on me and said they felt sorry I was lying there alone, making me feel worse, but all I wanted was to sleep until I felt better.

Putra was leaving to go filming in PNG the second day I was in hospital and his family were leaving for holidays the next day so I was in a full panic about Samudra. Every morning I asked if I could go home yet and finally on the fourth day, I insisted on checking myself out so I could look after my baby.  As lovely as the doctors and nurses are in the hospital, I couldn’t sleep at all with the lights on day and night and being pumped with antibiotics every two hours causing me more nausea and pain.  So I had to sign paperwork to say I was releasing myself against doctors orders and finally, I left.

Admittedly I felt crap still but put on a brave face as I wanted to be near Samudra.  I took my medicine and although I couldn’t sleep at night because of aches and pains, I made an effort to get up early every morning and take him out on adventures, to play with friends, go to play parks and just spend quality time together for two whole weeks while Putra was away.  His smile and laughter and cheeky ways are better medicine than all the drugs being pumped into me.  We had such a lovely time, catching up with other mums and kids, having a train adventure to meet beautiful friends in Depok, meeting new lovely friends and going swimming at the Hyatt, play dates, running in the grass and around malls, painting at home, dancing and singing and playing instruments around the house and keeping busy until Samudra was ready to pass out in the evenings after we made dinner together.

I never knew someone so little could bring such utter joy, love, exhaustion and pure happiness into my life, but I truly believe his smile, hugs, kisses and beautiful nature helped to make me feel better than any hospital ever could.

So my New Years Resolution hasn’t managed to happen as yet, so instead of making promises I cannot keep, I will do my best to update as often as possible about the happenings in this city and share some of our adventures with you.

Here’s to not taking our health for granted and cherishing every day, and to the magical healing powers of super cute little people..

tasha may_we love jakarta_welovejakarta_talking carl app_kids in Jakarta

Discovering the Talking Carl app.. and carrying him around so carefully

tasha may_welovejakarta_we love jakarta_Hyatt Hotel Jakarta_kids in Jakarta_kids pool_playdate

The pool at the Hyatt Hotel is divine

tasha may_welovejakarta_we love jakarta_Hyatt Hotel Jakarta_kids in Jakarta_kids pool_playdate

Hanging with his new friend, the gorgeous Stella

tasha may_welovejakarta_we love jakarta_Hyatt Hotel Jakarta_kids in Jakarta_kids pool_playdate

Playing with new instruments from Toraja from kakek and nenek

Depok_kids rides_tasha may_welovejakarta_we love jakarta_kids in Jakarta_playdate

Riding a robot elephant in Depok at the mall

tasha may_welovejakarta_we love jakarta_kids in Jakarta_playdate

Talking to a photo of bapak on my phone.

tasha may_welovejakarta_we love jakarta_TGI Friday Lippo Mall Kemang_Enjoy It jakarta_kids in Jakarta

Meeting with Ann (Enjoy It!) at TGI Friday Kemang

tasha may_welovejakarta_we love jakarta_Senayan City_eating with kids__kids in Jakarta_Urban Kitchen_playdate

Pizza at Urban Kitchen, Senayan City

tasha may_welovejakarta_we love jakarta_Java Bean Pejaten Village_kids in Jakartal_playdate

The waiters love Samudra at Java Benam, Pejaten Village

tasha may_welovejakarta_we love jakarta_Baby painting_kids in Jakarta_playdate

Painting for the first time and loving it!

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  1. Seb says:


    I came across your blog whilst searching the net for the name of the train bridge on the way to Bandung.

    I lived in Bandung with my now wife from 2012-13 and have now returned for a quick visit.

    Cool blog! I like its presentation and how you’ve presented it as a resource for others too.

    We had our blog when we travelled: but weren’t as forthcoming with sharing our discovered secrets.



    • welovejakarta says:

      Hey Seb! I’m so glad you found us here and thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I really love the bridges on the way to Bandung.. both watching them from the tol road, and seeing them up close from the train. Sitting and photographing the trains was so much fun.. although incredibly hot waiting in the sunshine. I’m happy you found us because we now know your blog! I have had a quick read and have bookmarked it to go back to also. Love the photos and your trip to Flores and beautiful photos makes me itch to get out for another adventure asap!

      Hope you have an amazing trip back here with your wife. I’m surprised you were able to leave Asia after a year.. it’s under my skin and I can’t seem to leave no matter how crazy it may make me some days 🙂