Jalan Jalan di Manggarai….

Second part of our adventure was to wander the streets of Manggarai to find the tailors who line the street so we could get a few things fixed and see what’s happening around the town..

These Bemo's are everywhere in Manggarai and this one in particular looks like it's about to fall apart! Yet another weird and wonderful mode of transport in Jakarta

At the tailors - there is a street lined with tailors waiting to mend and alter your clothes for a great price

Mending pajamas on the street

Mending my bag strap at last for 5,000 Rp

Threads and bobbins for the sewing machine

Young boys shake hands before beginning their game of soccer behind the tailors

Young boy outside a street stall in Manggarai

Bule! Bule! Boys being entertaining... I'd like to know what the boy on the right was singing..