Brightspot Market at Gandaria City Mall – 8 June 2012

Congratulations for another successful Brightspot Market!  I love everything about this market from the dj’s music, amazing wares for sale from so many talented people, the effort people put into their stalls to make them look truly beautiful and I especially love the people watching at these events.  It seems that all of Jakarta’s young hipsters come to gather in one place and it’s amazing to see the space filled with colour and incredibly creative people…. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Amazing necklaces by Kidnapped-alley

Lovely floral arrangement at Ensemble stall

A very popular booth at the market! Happy Go Lucky......

Super cool colourful polaroid cameras!

Enak cupcakes!

Fun cushions by Unkl

Sangat mantap! The coolest couple at the market - Tarita and Johnny - selling their jewellery and tshirts

Beautiful Martha from m.e - Congratulations again on your amazing new collection my dear friend!

Some gorgeous skirts at Martha's stall

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  1. I went to the Brightspot Market, too!! It was fun, wasn’t it? I am already looking forward to the next one, too!