A day trip to Bogor… Pt 1

Catching the train to Bogor from Gambir Station

Beautiful flower shining in the sun outside Bogor train station

Arriving at the village off Jl E. Sumawijaya, Bogor

A huge spider relaxing on its web... eeeek!

Taking a break from the sunshine... A local boy from the village

View from the path... so tranquil after Jakarta

Relaxing in the rice fields

Stunning scenery

Harvested rice in the fields

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  1. Matthias says:

    Hi, nice pictures!
    I have a question; is it easy to do a one day trip to bogor by train?
    How about the landscape view is it worth going there?
    I fly from JAK to JOG but maybe want to go to Bogor 🙂
    Thanks in advance.


    • welovejakarta says:

      Hi Matthias! I am so sorry for the late reply to your message! You can do a one day trip to Bogor by train – probably best to get an early start from Gambir station – it only takes about an hour or so and the cost is Rp 7,000 so it’s great! It depends on what you want to see.. There is beautiful scenery but best to know where you would like to go to know where to head once you get off the train. I loved going to Taman Safari but you will need a driver for that trip as you need to drive through the park to see all the animals.. and the drive to and from Jakarta can be hectic with traffic and take an extremely long time!

      If you have such limited time to visit maybe you can make up for it in Jogja with sightseeing instead? There’s so many temples, beaches, rice fields and beautiful scenery there… check http://www.tourjogja.com/ for inspiration….

      Have a fantastic trip! x