A day trip to Bogor… Pt 2

Ladies working hard in the fields the day before the Harvest Festival begins

Another day in Indonesia, another absolutely beautiful child!

River crossing between villages

Playing by the waterfall

Cooling off in the river

Going fishing

Cute local boys along the winding path

Looking magical

Riding on a motorbike around the path

Another of our beautiful tour guides xxx

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  1. Bogor……….I often to Bogor when I’m in Jakarta. Jalan2………..but there, rain a lot “namanya, kota hujan”.
    Very nice picture ….

    • welovejakarta says:

      Thanks for your message Gildo! I didn’t see any rain in Bogor but it was incredibly HOT there!! I would have liked to have a swim in the river if I didn’t have to catch a train back to central Jakarta all wet… ha ha! How often do you go to Jakarta from Barcelona?

      Thank you so much for your messages as always… much appreciated 🙂