100 Days of Happiness – Day 27

Yesterday was an even earlier start to the day than usual… up at 3.00am and heading to the airport for an overnight stay in Singapore for my visa.  I have had to go to Singapore so many times over the years that I have been in Jakarta and was tiring of it, but it’s so much more fun to go there with Putra and Samudra and not alone!

We had a fun day walking around Clarke Quay near our hotel, eating seriously delicious vegetarian food on the waterfront, and doing a little filming.. half way through our filming adventure I felt my arm was wet carrying Samudra and thought the poor thing must have been so incredibly sweaty as it was so hot, but I was wrong! Bless, he had had a small nappy accident and this is the first time I didn’t bring a spare change of clothes with us while walking around… eeeeek.  Luckily we found a bathroom soon after, and even luckier that the bathroom was attached to a small souvenir shop, so Samudra ended up in an oversized tshirt and nappy until we made it home, and was blissfully unaware that anything had happened!

Although we were all incredibly tired it was a fun day and a nice little day trip with fresh air, no traffic or rubbish around.  I love my little family.

I hope you had a fun day wherever you are in the world.

Day 27:  Samudra after his accident and looking so happy at Merlion, Singapore.  Happiness.

Day 27:  So much cuteness for me! Happiness.

Day 27:  Enjoying the scenery and serenity with his bapak.  Happiness.