100 Days of Happiness – Day 14

This morning I was woken with tiny feet kicking into my face and squeals of delight as Samudra played with his toys between his mumma and bapak.  I couldn’t help but start the day feeling happy just watching him so engrossed in what he was doing and tasting his toys and chewing on everything.  He changes so much every day and just keeps getting more adorable, well, to me anyway!

I also received a package in the mail today.. real mail! Yah! It’s such a rarity these days that it feels extra special, and todays package was special indeed – two Alistair the Armadillo books signed for Samudra.  He was grabbing at the pages as he sat on my knee with me reading and the stories were uplifting and positive.  A great concept and fun to read with cool illustrations of Alistair and his friends and they definately filled our day with colour.  Look out for them on iTunes and hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Putra and I made it to the gym next to AIS Kemang today too..  Miracles really do happen and it felt great to get back on the vespa to go there and finally do some exercise.. time to get this post baby body into shape and it just felt great to be moving again.  I love that gym as it’s quiet so we had all the equipment to ourselves as we began our transition to a healthier lifestyle.  I haven’t been to that gym since I first came to Jakarta in 2009 and it was funny to see they still have the same staff there.. now that’s Indonesian loyalty for you.

We ended today celebrating the gorgeous Talisa’s birthday at Largo on Jalan Benda in Kemang. Delicious risotto and pizzas, a great catch up, and Samudra keeping us entertained with his laughter after vomiting all over me!

I hope you had a fun day too wherever in the world you are.

Day 13: What a beautiful start to the day seeing this beautiful face. Happiness.

Day 13: Receiving positive story books in the mail. Happiness

Day 13: Celebrating Talisa’s birthday at Largo. Happiness.

Day 13: Listening to Samudra’s laughter. Happiness.