100 Days of Happiness – Day 10

I am sooo happy! I just found out that the beautiful Deasy and Tommy’s new little boy has arrived safely.. Welcome to the world Prada Bintang Amaru.  Gone are our days of sitting in Largo listening to music, drinking vodka and smoking copious amounts of cigarettes (it feels AMAZING to be free of you Mr Sampoerna!!), and hello days spent in wonder of our lovely little boys.  Welcome to parenthood and enjoy the ride.

So, it seems fitting that all today’s photos are about children as Putra took off for meetings with my wallet in his bag, leaving Samudra and I no option but to stay close to home all day.  We did go for another walk around the complex and took a completely different route and were greeted by so many curious children and adults.  In Melbourne everyone keeps to themselves and you barely know your neighbours, but here, walking around I was asked so many times where am I from, is my husband Indonesian? where are his parents from? where did I meet my husband?  what is your address here? is your house small? and the list goes on… I wasn’t sure if I was meant to answer or they were just trying to make polite conversations.  Luckily I avoided most questions by choosing to take photos of the children or talking to the kids as they gathered around to get a closer look at Samudra.  It’s still a shock after all these years that complete strangers would ask such questions, but it’s funny at the same time.

Well, this week flew by yet again and it’s been fun for us.  I hope you have had a happy day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 10: Beautiful little Panji and his adorable big brown eyes. Happiness.

Day 10: Cute kids drinking from plastic bags and being cheeky. Happiness.

Day 10: So curious and so many questions for me! Happiness.

Day 10: She was so sweet walking with her umbrella in the sunshine. Happiness.

Day 10: It’s a miracle! Samudra spent hours with Aunty Treen and didn’t cry once! Happiness.

Day 10: Ending the day with pizza, in a funny box. Are only single people meant to eat pizza? Who is this packaging for? Happiness.